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DAG is the manufacturer of a great selection of Kayaks, from a child's first ever Kayak to long distance touring kayaks. Founded in 1975 they have a wealth of experience in making Kayaks out of composite materials. Reliable and well made, the Kayaks will stand the test of time and their refined designs and shapes mean you'll be smiling the whole time too! It doesn't matter if you're going to be charging the white water rapids or cruising along a calm coastline, there is a kayak for every occasion and even some kayaks that are good for both!

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About DAG

DAG was founded in 1975 by Gil Gilliard, a national level French kayak competitor. By 1987 Gil had produced such a great range of high quality Kayaks that his company won the World Manufacturers Champion Title. 19 professional athletes won medals at the world championships in his Kayaks.

This success provided the platform for developing his kayaks and their manufacturing processes into the premium quality products we know today. Incredibly popular with rental companies and private customers since the 90's, his Kayaks have been used by thousands and all the feedback received along with the professional feedback from competitive athletes has helped Gil to develop and refine his brand Kayaks. This refinement is easy to see. The attention to detail is inspiring, with every detail thought out and designed in the most efficient, practical way possible.

When it comes to Kayaks especially off-shore, reliability is at the very top of your priorities. There is a reason that this company has enjoyed such a good reputation with its customers and that is because the Kayaks they make don't let you down.

If you have any questions regarding any of the products or would like advice on which Kayak would suit you best, or can't find what your looking for (we can get them in!), then please call one of our Boylos team members on 01297 444222 or click info@boylos.co.uk.

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