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Ding Stick

Ding Stick is the perfect solution to quick fixing holes in your board. This Magic Bond 2 part repair stick sets in minutes and gets you on the water without delay. It's a quick solution to keep you ripping; that said it is also fairly long term making it perfect for long surf trips. Don't go anywhere without a stick of this to back you up, priceless!

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About Ding Stick

Ding Stick from Magic Bond offers a solution to a problem. Quickly sealing up any holes or dings it has saved literally thousands of surf sessions.

Quick and easy to use, simply cut off a chunk and mix the two part putty to make a grey compound. Then, using your fingers, push the putty in the hole of your board ensuring that you get a tight seal. Once you're happy, grab a cola and leave it for 10-15 minutes to set. Now go surf again!

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