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Dunkelvolk is the manufacturer of the awesome looking Dunkelvolk Surf Clothing. Using a team of street artists, Dunkelvolk ensure that all of their clothing is unique and a true representation of the Peruvian street art scene. This wicked approach to clothing design means that the Dunkelvolk Surf Clothing will help you turn every head on the street and in the water! Whether its the bold Surf T-Shirt you wear to the shops, or the standout Boardshorts you wear to rip the waves Dunkelvolk has an awesome item of clothing for every situation. Dunkelvolk pay close attention to all the little details in their clothing too, with every stitch, collar, tag, print or pattern being made to the best quality possible. This gives the Dunkelvolk clothing a premium quality feel and makes it a pride to wear. Bold and individual, the Dunkelvolk clothing allows you too express yourself in ways no other clothing does.

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About Dunkelvolk

Dunkelvolk is a Surf Clothing company founded and based in Peru. Their bold, individualistic mindset and designs mean that they produce head turning, unique Surf Clothing. With every thing from Surf t-shirt to Boardshorts, Dunkelvolks collection is a great one.

The company's philosophy is 'that there is a hidden potential in all of us that never came to the surface. You can be a great artist or an amazing athlete and it's time to show it!'.  This concept of inner potential is reflected in the team at Dunkelvolk with great, expressive athletes and even more expressive artists all providing their own input into the way the clothing looks, feels and works. The word 'Dunkelvolk' has German origin and translates into English as 'hidden side', this is the inner artist or athlete that Dunkelvolk Surf Clothing is looking for and helping to show.

There is an artist or an athlete in everyone and Dunklevolk Surf Clothing promotes that. They work closely with amazing street artists from Peru in order to get their inspired designs and prints for their clothing. So when you are wearing Dunkelvolk clothing you know that this is the work of a real artist, who could probably be working on their next street based project whilst you strut you stuff in their T-shirt! Very cool.

All Dunkelvolk clothing gets shipped directly to your door! If you have any questions on the Dunkelvolk products or would like to know more about the brand, then please feel to contact one of our Boylos team members on 01297 444222 or click info@boylos.co.uk.

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