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Gator Wakeboards offer top end wakeboards that rip. The comany, based in Florida, have a dedication to producing and developing the best wakeboards out there. The idea is that they offer a product that is adaptable to your style but at the same time completely core in its ability. Striving for the very best in performance and construction, they are one of the most exciting brands in the Wakeboard Market. You know you have one of their boards when you start busting moves you thought you would never achieve.

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About Gator

Gator Wakeboards was founded by Erik ‘Gator’ Lutgert way back in 1998. At 22 years of age, Erik formed the brand with the ambition of producing the world's best wakeboards. With 5 years of professional wakeboarding under his belt Erik had the skills and knowledge of what he wanted from a Wakeboard and in 2003 the hard work paid off.

Sponsoring the Pro Tour and advertising in magazines they saw their sales increase dramatically. The brand was becoming a reality for Erik and he started to see an international brand arise from the water. To ensure that this growth continued, Erik built a sales team of riders to push the brand. The Rider owned atmosphere has helped to continue growth.

If you have any questions about the boards on offer or would like more information or advice on which board is best for you, please contact a member of our Boylos team.

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