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GoPro cameras are the Waterproof Sports Cameras that started a craze and a new look at documenting and filming sports. With their bombproof outer casing, the cameras are rugged and waterproof and will provide the same high quality image whether from the top of a mountain or underneath the sea! With a range of different shooting options for both videos and still images they're so versatile you'll struggle to find an angle or image they can't shoot, especially with the ever increasing number of Accessories such as the mounts now available. Whether you want a first person view, a shot from behind or what your board is seeing when you surf, these cameras allow you to shoot angles and perspectives never seen before. What's more with the impressive HD quality and the slow motion and timed still image options, you can create effects to blow the mind of anyone watching your video. Become your own professional photographer and start telling the stories of your sessions from your point of view!

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About GoPro

GoPro Cameras are pretty much a standard part of extreme sports nowadays. Their innovative approach to personal filming took the world by storm and started a massive craze. Anybody and everybody, now has the opportunity to shoot amazing HD footage and high res photos of themselves or friends doing whatever they like. With their compact design and rugged waterproof casing, the cameras are perfect to travel with. The endless amounts of mounts and accessories also mean that you can film events from never seen before angles, like what your surfboard sees when you are surfing a wave!

The Original Camera was a landmark technological step up from anything used previously for personal video shooting. With full HD quality, a 'fish eye' effect lens and multiple high quality photo modes, the videos exploded onto youtube as more and more people caught the bug. The ability to film yourself doing your favourite sports and activities without the need to rely on a mate on the land or a complex mount at a remote vantage point was and is a huge part of the appeal.

The original and best self filming video camera built on its success with the HD Hero 2 and 3, both of which boasted a more refined design and further technological developments. The top of the line model even boasts a wide angled 1440p filming option. Tonnes of different photo shooting options, filming options and mounts make the it one of the most versatile cameras in the world.

If you have any questions about the cameras or would like more information about them or their accessories then please contact one of our Boylos team members who will be more than happy to help.

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