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Goya Windsurfing has been a well known name in the windsurfing world for what seems like forever, partly due to its world famous founder Fransisco Goya and partly due to the brilliant quality Windsurfing Sails and Boards that they have been producing for years. Especially in the wave market, they've always demonstrated thoughtful design and superior build quality. With generous amounts of X-ply and scrim materials the Sails are practically bomb proof! We have the entire range of Sails and Boards for you to choose from. An epic range which we feel covers all of your wavesailing needs. From Quad wave Boards and 4-Batten Wave Sails.

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About Goya

Goya Windsurfing is the product of years of competition and freeriding experience from its founder Fransisco Goya. His love for windsurfing started from an early age and he immediately put himself into the industry as soon as he was old enough. He started work in a local custom gear manufacturer and then moved to Maui when he was 18 to follow his dream and windsurf everyday.

It was there in Maui that Fransisco, along with some friends started Quatro windsurfing. From his success with the Quatro Brand, Fransisco started his own brand making some of the best, highest quality sails on the market. Like its sibling company, it is aimed more so towards the wave sailing market, although recently they have been producing some brilliant freeriding sails. But in our opinion, their greatest strengths definitely lie in wave sails.

With further advances in the materials and processes used to make their sails and equipment, the brand has become renowned for their superior build quality and 'bomb proof' wave sails. When you use one of their sails you not only notice the performance benefits and refined design qualities, but you also sail with the confidence that your sail won't give up until long after you might!

If you have any questions regarding the products on offer or would like information or advice one which would suit you best, please call or email one of our Boylos team members who will be more than happy to help.

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