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The Wetsuit Hangair is here, and it is great! Designed by Under Water Kinetics, the wetsuit Hangair dries wetsuits, drysuits and coats in a fraction of the time it would normally take. The wide armed hangair prevents any 'pull' on your garment whilst the internal fan pushes air around the wet item forcing it to dry. A simple idea and highly effective, the Hangair is a must have for any water-going person.

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About Hangair

Underwater Kinetics had a dream to produce a product that would dry smelly wet clothes and wetsuits in minutes, not hours. Their development and design brought to the market the innovative Hangair and with it a new standard in clothes drying. The Hangair is simple in its design, but incredibly effective with its performance. Pushing air around the item massively increases evaporation rate and dries the item from the inside out.

The Hangair not only boasts great function but practicality. The long cable allows you to hang your wetsuit over the bath and the wide hanger arms prevent any pull on the suit. A well thought through product, the Hangair will change your life!

Never put that wet wetsuit on again. Let the Hangair dry it first and eradicate that cold wetsuit pain. The Hangair is available to buy online at Boylos, please call 01297 444222 or click info@boylos.co.uk for any further information.

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