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IST makes high quality snorkelling and diving gear. With products ranging from weight belts to diving knives. Starting out as an original equipment manufacturer supplying other brands, they soon developed a reputation for high quality snorkelling and diving products. But as their ambitions grew they became their own brand under the same name. Now providing the same high standards directly to its customers, the company is known the world over for its reliable, well made snorkelling and diving equipment.

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About IST

Founded in 1976 IST has been producing high quality snorkelling and diving gear for over 35 years. In the beginning they were an original equipment manufacturer supplying other brands with the same outstanding products. As their ambitions grew though, they became a brand on their own using the same name. This allowed them to fully focus on creating the range of products that they wanted to rather than to the specifications of another brand. Starting out with just masks, snorkels and fins, the range was soon extended with more and more innovative and appealing products in their bid to be the best supplier of scuba gear in the world.

Today they're able to provide great scuba equipment for any level of diver, in almost all water conditions. Their vast range of products includes diving knives, masks, fins, suits, boots, weight belts and many more essential diving products.

If you have any questions about the products on offer or would like information or advice on which would be best for you please contact one of our Boylos team members and they will be more than happy to help.

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