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K4 Fins

K4 Fins have revolutionised the multi fin market in a big way. With a new plasitc glass construction they have rocked the fin market by introducing 'flex' as a priority characteristic. The idea behind the 'flex theory' is that they flex when loaded up allowing you to push through your bottom turn and retain the boards energy for the top turn. Team rider Graham Ezzy describes the feeling as 'giving you grip and drive, releasing power in the curl right where you want it'. One thing for sure is that with a set of these fins in your board you'll be amazed at where the new setup can take you.

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About K4 Fins

K4 Fins takes the sail number of British windsurfing legend Steve Thorpe. Steve designed the fins with the hope that he could get the same drive and grip that he got from his surfboard fins. The requirement for G10 didn't seem necessary for multi fin boards and so Steve pioneered the new Opto Flex composition that K4 are now legendary for.

K4 operate from a quote. The quote was from none other then Albert Einstein, "if the facts don't fit the theory then change the facts". Inspired by this K4 did exactly that, they changed the facts and broke the mould. K4 are the only company in the world utilising a moulding technology and the benefits can be seen immediately.

K4 Windsurfing Fins are the product of tireless testing and redesigning. There is no better way to see how a product works than getting stuck in and ripping on it. This is exactly what the team did. Hours of analysing went into getting the fins to shred in exactly the way you would expect them to. Windsurfing professionals like Graham Ezzy, Jamie Hancock and Andy 'Bubble' Chambers put the fins through their paces in locations around the world. The invaluable information was fed back to HQ where the guys manipulated the shapes to get them performing exactly how the riders wanted.

When jumping and general sailing you feel the fins under the foot complementing your movements. Sailing up-wind you feel the fins flex and work with the power you're putting through them. When landing they again flex and work with you, rather than against you!

Waveriding is where the fins really excel. In your bottom turn the flex of the fins allow you to drive them hard and fast. As you're going through the bottom turn and your speed starts to drop off the fins give you something back. The 'stored' energy from flex is given back to you when you need it most, that way you don't get stuck in your turn. You can power all the way through to the lip and smack it at full velocity. We think Graham Ezzy hits the nail on the head:

"The flex allows me to go more vertical and hit later lips. Instead of getting stuck in the curl, I can push on top of it and get more projection. Super cool."

The company have a long list of new ideas and concepts to try. Development is never ending; testing new materials, tweaking the existing shapes and looking for new ways to improve performance. K4 are currently working on some radical ideas which seem obvious but have not yet been seen on a windsurf board. The guys are pushing forwards working closely with the team riders to redefine the windsurfing fin.

In the range there is the Stubby, Flex, Carve, Assy and Freestyle. Each fin performs incredibly well in its own environment. The fins offer the versatility and option to tune your board to the conditions. The beauty of fins, other then their performance, is the price point. They are cheap enough to allow riders to have a quiver of fins without breaking the bank. In fact it is now possible to buy four sets of the fins for the same price as one set from a competitor brand.

Be inspired, break the mould and feel the raw power of these fins in your board. Please call 01297 444222 or mail info@boylos.co.uk for more information.

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