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The McNett Micro Fibre micro towel is the perfect light weight towel for travelling. With a massive water absorption value, and super quick drying time, the micro towel works just as well as a fluffy bath towel but without the bulk. Make sure you have one of these towels for travelling or camping, it saves space but is still one of those luxuries you'll appreciate when out and about.

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About McNett

The Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel by McNett® is the only quick-drying travel towel you'll ever need. But after you try it, you may decide you need more than one.

Take the Compact Microfiber Towel wherever you go, and you'll never have a too-wet towel again. This high-performance microfiber towel absorbs five times its weight in water—and it dries way faster than standard issue towels. It's lightweight and folds down to fit in small spaces. Toss one in your gear bag, backpack or travel kit, and stay a lot more comfortable in the field.

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