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Maui Fin Company (MFC) is a very well known windsurfing fin company. Their fins are often seen on the bottom of many of the pro's boards on the PWA and on many of their collaboration boards with boards from well known manufacturers. Their use on the Professional circuit certainly demonstrates just how good these fins are. The Maui Fin Company also has an enormous team of professional windsurfers on a national level, combined with the riders on the pro tour they give the company a near perfect team for reviewing their fins and providing feedback. With so many people all providing their own personal feedback, the variety of feedback is tremendous, ensuring that nothing gets missed. This quality feedback means that they can offer incredibly refined products to their customers. You can also ride the fins with the confidence that they have been developed by an awe inspiring team of professionals and 1st class manufacturers.

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About MFC

World renowned for their quality and precise manufacturing, MFC fins are world class and used by most of the top professionals on the PWA tour. The use of these fins by the world's elite provides two things; a world wide fan base and distribution network and loads of world class feedback. Founded in 1986, the company combines years of experience with their global professional feedback to offer some of the most refined and precise windsurfing fins on the market.

Innovation is another thing they have in abundance. Their recent development into weed fins is a clear example of this innovation. They claim to have made a fin capable of windsurfing in weedy conditions but with the hold of a fin twice its length! This kind of development is what sets them apart from other fin companies as they are always pushing the boundaries of fin capabilities and have a global world class team to test and refine their designs.

Popular with everyone from freestyle wave sailors to big slalom racers, there's an extensive range of carefully developed high performance fins. Whatever fin you choose to ride you won't be lacking in performance or build quality. The fins are designed to perform and built to last.

If you have any questions about any of the fins on offer or would like help or advice finding the fin to suit your needs, please call or email one of our experienced Boylos team members who will do everything they can to help.

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