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Muzzdawg is a great new british brand founded in Lyme Regis, UK! The range has the perfect beach clothes to compliment a lifestyle by the sea. Whether you need something to keep you cosy after a surf or a top that helps you look your best when heading out for lunch, there are great products in the Muzzdawg range that are perfect for you!

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About Muzzdawg

Muzzdawg was born in 1985 and since then the team has lived and breathed for a life by the sea. The clothing range Muzzdawg produce reflect that ocean loving lifestyle perfectly and their clothing looks great, feels great and is gentle on your wallet! In our heads that makes the perfect surf brand!

If you have any questions about the clothing in the Muzzdawg range then please feel free to give us a call or email in the shop and one of the Boylo's team will be happy to help you!

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