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North Windsurfing is a massive name in the windsurfing equipment market. Renowned for their highly efficient designs and innovative ideas. Combining extensive knowledge and experience from their boat sails, kitesurfing equipment and windsurfing equipment, the company has a very good idea of how equipment needs to behave and how it needs to be built in order to make the most out of the wind. Their Windsurf equipment has been going since 1981 and countless professional athletes have been using the kit to get themselves podiums, championship titles and generally perform to the highest level in windsurfing. Modern advances in technology make their sails and equipment industry leading in innovation and build quality.

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About North

Founded in 1981, North Windsurf Equipment has always stood for superior quality and the latest in technology and design ideas. Many past and present champions and professional competitors have trusted their Windsurf equipment to do the job they need it to in order to win their competitions. This professional level feedback has provided the company with the basis for some superb adjustments and refinements to their products meaning that the standard of equipment produced carries on growing.

The brand fully believes that function comes before innovation. There is no point making something really innovative if you won't actually be able to get the benefits. This functional theme is seen throughout the range making it easy, straight forward and reliable. Designed and manufactured in Germany to the very highest construction standards. The strict level of quality is essential in providing their customers with the best Windsurf Equipment on the market.

Functionality doesn't prevent them from making bold innovations though. From their award winning ifront to their industry altering suspension system for sails, North come up with new bold designs and ideas that really work.

If you have any questions or need advice on any of the products, or if there is something you want but can't find. Please call on of our Boylos team members on 01297 444222 or click info@boylos.co.uk.


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