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Ocean and Earth

Ocean and Earth make a variety of high quality functional Surfing Accessories. With products ranging from leashes to board bags, they aim to provide all the surfing accessories you would ever need. Priding themselves on making the best surfing accessories on the market, the company claims that they make the world's strongest leash! A bold statement but one that assures you of the quality. What ever you choose from this range you can be sure you can count on it!

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About Ocean and Earth

Ocean and Earth are the manufacturers of premium quality Surfing Accessories and have a great range of products to cover all your surfing accessory needs. Using feedback from epic professional surfers, such as team rides Bobby Martinez and Owen Wright, the company gets the constant feed of information they need to always be improving their products and refining their designs.

This refinement allows them to offer only the very best Surfing Accessories. This superior quality allows you to focus on your surfing rather than your equipment when on the water. Reliability is key and seen throughout the entire range. The brand works so hard on build quality and reliability that they are able to offer what they claim is the world strongest leash!

Being able to boast such a statement doesn't come easily and it is well deserved for the design team who work so hard on their product development. Trusted by the pros, loved by the amateurs and perfect for any situation, the brand provides some of the very best surfing accessories on the planet.

If you have any questions about the accessories on offer then please call or email one of our Boylos team members who will be more than happy to help.

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