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Old Guys Rule

Old Guys Rule is one of those brands that you just have to love. Designed for the more experienced amongst us, the motto is sit back, crack a beer and have a laugh. We find in our shop in Lyme Regis sometimes young guys are buying these T-shirts! We think this may have something to do with the desire to have the status one day. A really fun packed range, the collection is affordable and fun with a heap of cool designs and accessories. Everyone knows someone that would love one of these products!

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Old Guys Rule Polo - Charcoal

Old Guys Rule Polo - Charcoal



About Old Guys Rule

Old Guys Rule started in America where it was seen as a 'badge of honour'. Having an OGR T-shirt on was part of their identity, pride and a way to say to the world that Old Guys, Rule. Since its establishment the company has jumped the pond and is now made, under license, here in the UK.

Every T-Shirt has been printed in the UK using traditional screen printing processes. The T-Shirts have been carefully chosen to offer a great combination of value and quality which our customers really enjoy.

The company themselves have this to say about the brand, and what it means to them:

"There comes a time in your life when comfort meets substance. When all your hard work seems to have paid dividends and the world is at your command. All the things you hoped you could do someday, you're doing. The toils of youth are now your experiences... no longer the student, but the teacher.

To celebrate your accomplishments we offer up "Old Guys Rule" to be worn as a badge of honour for a life well spent, but not nearly over..."

Make that great Old Guy happy with a fantastic badge of honour T-Shirt.

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