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Regarded by some as the best Wave Board manufacturer in the industry, Quatro Windsurfing certainly has some pedigree! They produce a great range of Windsurfing Wave boards and also have some freestyle and freeride options too. Strongly wave orientated, the company has some of the best board shapes for wave riding on the market. With every thing from quads to twins, thrusters to singles, the range has a perfect board for any of us. Plus with their vast range of sizes, the exact board you're after can more than likely be found here. An enormous Boylos favourite the Wave Boards are used and owned by members of staff who swear blind they are the best boards they have ridden. A personal opinion of course, but nether the less an insight into the satisfaction that these boards provide. Why not find out for yourself?

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About Quatro

Quatro Windsurfing Boards are regarded by some as the best windsurfing wave boards in the world. Winning countless reviews and tests the boards are praised for their surf style handling and quality manufacturing. The Boards are designed for wave riding, however the brand have made a few freeride and freestyle boards with great success! It must be said though, they are better known for what they are unmistakably good at, Wave Boards. Their Wave boards have a certain aura about them in a similar way that Aston Martin has an aura around their cars. Both are high quality, precision orientated, good looking products that are a joy to own.

With Team riders like Levi Siver and Shaper/Rider Keith Teboul, the brand has almost instant feedback on all of their board development. This immediate feedback coupled with their headline board shaper Keith Teboul means that their boards are so refined and precise that you will really struggle to find any faults!

The company was founded by four friends, all of whom surfed and windsurfed and therefore compared all the different shapes they were using. Quickly they started to come up with things they would like to change about the production boards on offer. Rather than just dwelling on these thoughts they went and did something about it. Initially they were only planning to make themselves four private boards but even before their own boards were finished, they had received their first order requests from 9 of the top 10 professional windsurfers at the time and eventually 10 out of the top 10! With the top 10 professional windsurfers ALL riding their boards, the company quickly gained a reputation for making some of the best boards in the world!

So if you're looking for a Windsurfing board with the necessary pedigree and performance characteristics, especially in the waves, then look no further! Quatro have always been one of the very best and most highly regarded board manufacturers in the industry!

If you want to know more about the brand or have questions about their boards please call or email on of our Boylos team members.

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