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Rapanui surf clothing is the environmentally friendly clothing company based in the Isle of Wight. Their fresh approach to sustainable industry fits in perfectly with the surfing lifestyle and culture. Their surf T-shirts, jumpers, hoodies and other clothes items are all made in a market leading, eco-friendly way. Not only do Rapanui make their own clothing in a more planet friendly way, but they also actively promote new ways for the rest of the clothing industry to make their own processes greener too. With environment inspired designs, and bold prints, the Rapanui clothing is a real head turner and you can feel good as you look good too knowing that you are helping towards a greener happier planet.

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About Rapanui

Rapanui is a revolutionary Surf clothing company who make a real attempt to promote greener more eco friendly industry. Rapanui say:

"Fashion is like no other medium, in that you literally dress yourself in what you believe in. Rapanui gives people a choice to vote with their wallet for ethical fashion. We want to use the power of fashion to make eco cool, and design traceable, transparent products that let you shop with a conscience.”

This inspirational mindset towards the manufacturing of clothing is a revolution and is making a lot of people look differently at the way their clothes are being made and what the consequences are. Rapanui are even working closely with UK MEPs to develop a potentially industry-changing eco labelling system to summarise the detailed and often confusing information on clothes packaging, and to make it easy for consumers to shop easily with a conscience.

For fashion with a conscience, Rapanui is your go to brand. Rapanui surf clothing gets shipped direct to your door. If you have any questions on the Rapanui products please call one of our Boylos team members on 01297 444222 or click info@boylos.co.uk.

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