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Session Saver

Session Saver is a life saving product for your stick and a must have for any surfer! So quick and easy, the Ding putty is a fantastic product - the difference between the end of a session and simply a pause. The UK doesn't always see world class surf and these guys make it their duty to make products that mean nothing can stop you when it does. Simply follow the instructions and have a quality, useable, water tight board in minutes!

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About Session Saver

Session Saver is a company run by surfers for surfers. Their unique and brilliant Ding Putty is a perfect product for saving those sessions that could be ruined by a ding or break on your board. With years of surfing experience, the guys have seen there fair share of dings and session enders. What they did by making the putty was create a product that will fill a ding, protect your board and cure whilst you surf! Meaning you don't have to wait a few years for it to dry in order for it to work!

There's nothing worse than having you session cut short for any reason, especially a ding. Even the most insignificant little dings can water log your board and make life a misery. Thankfully with this Ding Putty this dreadful scenario may never affect you again!

If you want more info or have any questions about the putty please call or email one of our Boylos team members.

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