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Sevylor make seriously durable, well built Inflatable Equipment including Towable Inflatables, Pool floats, lake floats, Kayaks and canoes. Sevylor Kayaks and canoes are so durable thanks to their RIB style materials and fantastic build quality. When out on the water it is paramount that you can trust the equipment you're on. With Sevylor, trust is something that comes naturally, no need for vast explanations. The Sevylor products work really well and take any equipment worries out of your head allowing you to simply enjoy your time on the water. So make your time on the water a moment of pure pleasure by getting yourself a Sevylor!

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About Sevylor

Sevylor produce a vast range of inflatable products from bat like Inflatable tow alongs to White water capable rigid inflatable boats. Making great products for over 60 years, Sevylor originate from a small company making electrical appliances post WW2. After stumbling upon a process that allowed them to make fantastic PVC products, they began growing into the international business they are today, making some of the best PVC watercraft money can buy. Chances are when there is an inflatable kayak on the water, it probably has Sevylor on the side!

What makes these watercraft so popular is their fantastic build quality and their surprisingly good handling and performance. Even die hard sit in Kayakers have been said to comment on just how well the Sevylor Kayaks perform! With a massive range of products it doesn't matter if you are after a Kayak for fishing, something to use in the waves or a way of scaring your friends by towing them along behind a powerboat on what looks like a massive wing! Whatever your water bound ambitions, Sevylor has a product to act as your solution.

Ideal for anyone tight on storage space the Sevylors deflate and roll up to a compact size you would find hard to believe! Stick it in the back of your car, drive where you want to go, pump it up and enjoy the water! No need for roof racks and straps and a stepladder to reach the straps, Sevylor products take the hassle out of water sports.

All Sevylor products get shipped directly to your door. If you have any questions, or want more information on the Sevylor products feel free to call one of Boylos team members on 01297 444222 or click info@boylos.co.uk.

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