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Skywatch manufacturer handheld wind meters and other meteorological products and are famous for their wind meter due to its massive use in all disciplines relying on the wind. Paragliders, Kitesurfers, Windsurfers, Sailors, anyone relying on the wind conditions for their sport will find their Wind Meter a perfect product for judging which equipment to use and exactly what the wind is doing. Its compact size and easy to use functionality make this a perfect pocket sized companion wherever you go. Ideal for travelling or simply keeping in the car or your coat, tit will help you better your connection with the weather.

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About Skywatch

Skywatch is a company that make products to improve our perception of the wind and weather. It's a horrible feeling as a wind sport lover to be standing on the shore or on a cliff top thinking, is there enough wind? or is there too much wind? We've all been there. A wind lovers best friend, the pocket wind meter makes knowing what the wind is doing simply a case of raising your arm in the air.

With an easy to read face and easier to use functions, the wind meter and other products make life in the wind as easy as possible, taking all the stress out of equipment selection and allowing you to use the right stuff for the most enjoyable session possible.

If you've got any questions about the wind meter or the brand or would like more information, please call or email one of our Boylos team members.

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