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Slosh makes Wetsuit Shampoo; it doesn't give your suit perfect curls or eliminate dandruff, this is wetsuit specific shampoo, giving you a brand new wetsuit every time you wash it. It's all too easy to use and abuse your wetsuit leaving it salty and smelly from your last session in the water. Washing your suit is a necessity to protect its longevity and Wetsuit Shampoo makes for the perfect Wetsuit wash every time. Giving you a suit that looks, smells, feels and performs like new. A hell of a lot cheaper than getting a new suit and a damn sight easier too! Take the opportunity to freshen up your wetsuit and freshen up your mindset. 

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About Slosh

Slosh produces wetsuit shampoo, that's right, wetsuit shampoo. The beauty of the wetsuit shampoo is that it gives your old, smelly wetsuit a brand new lease of life. The brilliant chemical solution is perfect for removing bad odours, maintaining the function of your suit and softening the fabric. Give yourself a new suit by Slosh-ing your old one!

We've all had the horrific scenario of needing to put on a wetsuit but not really wanting to due to the way it smells like hell and the zip is starting to seize. Not good. Especially when the waves are pumping and your mates have run into the sea in their fresh smelling, comfy, functional wetsuits leaving you to cry by yourself about the stink your suit produces. With this Wetsuit Shampoo you can turn the tables and be the one looking forward to slipping into your wetsuit quicker than anyone else. Be smug about the state of your wetsuit, it's gonna look after you in the water and you will simply be returning the favour.

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