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Starboard is one of the biggest names in the watersports world. Their windsurfing equipment is world renowned for its innovative designs and constant refinement. With one of the biggest ranges of boards of any manufacturer, they offer a product to suit pretty much anybody. With the popularity and growth of Stand up Paddle Boarding, the brand has extended their manufacturing and design into the world of SUPs. Offering the same quality production as they do in their Windsurf Boards, their SUPs quickly became popular and they now have a big range of SUPs to complement their already hugely popular Windsurf Boards. This massive range of boards is used the world over by pro's, amateurs and beginners alike and with a good reason. When it comes to an extensive range of the highest standard boards they're the only name in the business.

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About Starboard

Starboard is a brand with a MASSIVE presence in the windsurfing world. With a lot of the biggest named pro's using their equipment in professional competition, they're not short on pedigree. From the old to the new: Bjorn Dunkerbeck is one of the biggest names in windsurfing and Philip Koster is possibly the best wave sailor ever and only 19! Both trust and love the boards they use and represent the knowledge and experience in the established big names such as Bjorn and the raw, remarkable talent of the young team riders in Koster. This mix of knowledge, experience, talent and fresh thinking is seen throughout the vast teams with every rider providing their feedback and contributing the research and development for the future models.

This product development is second to none and means that the level of refinement and precision seen throughout the team is unbelievable. From the gnarliest of wave boards to the easiest beginner's boards, they make a real effort to try and provide the closest solutions they can to perfect.

The high quality of equipment, their SUPs and their windsurfers, means their products are used in many windsurfing schools, centres and holiday resorts across the globe. Loved and trusted by thousands.

If you have any questions about any of the boards or would like some advice on buying the one that suits you best. Please call one of our Boylos team members.

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