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Turboflame is the manufacturer of heavy duty out door lighters aimed at those who need a lighter that works in any situation. Popular with sailors and mountain climbers alike for its unbelievable reliability, the Phoenix is a Boylos favourite and a prime example of the quality of products on offer. Using a controlled powerful jet flame, it provides wind resistant, robust and extremely reliable flame for the most extreme situations.

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About Turboflame

Turboflame lighters and lighting products excel in all weather conditions and their powerful controlled jet flame is completely windproof and offers the best reliability for any lighter we have ever seen. Designed to light in any conditions they're ideal for that stormy day when other lighters simply won't cut it!

This reliability is quite unique and has gained the brand a loyal fan base for their products. Whether they are mountaineers that need to melt down the ends of rope in snow storms, or military personnel desperate to start a fire in the most dangerous scenarios, the reliability of the Turboflame lighters never falters. Obviously they are just as reliable for lighting your cigarette when its windy too!

If you have any questions about the lighters or the brand please contact a member of our Boylos team.

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