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Victory base layer tops are market leading technology at an affordable price. With their KoreDry performance technology the base layer tops are a real innovation in the water sports world. Rather than absorbing water like normal T-shirts and most rash vests, they repel water. What this means is that you can have a dry top even when surfing or doing other water sports. This results in a lot more warmth and no restriction in movement, perfect for water sports as you need your movement and flexibility to take part. Storming in the US, their products are starting to grow rapidly in the UK and with good reason! Get your hands on the latest Koredry products and find out why!

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About Victory

Victory makes technical, base layer equipment for use in or around the water. Their unique design and Koredry concept makes makes them a real stand out performer when compared to other tops. The idea is achieved by producing water sports tops that don't absorb water and loose their shape or function. With many t-shirts and rash vests once they absorb water their performance dramatically reduces. T-shirts tend to lose all shape, become heavy and a hindrance in the water. This makes it quite hard to perform when participating in water sports. Rash vests eliminate this problem by being flexible and skin tight, but they lose their UV protection once they absorb water.

Koredry products repel the water leaving you with a dry top even when your surfing, protecting you from UV, rashes and the cold without hindering your performance. So you can focus on surfing, SUPing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and any other watersport you might want to enjoy, without worrying about the top you're wearing. Ideal for those doing sport in the summer too because these tops won't absorb your sweat but will still protect you.

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