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VW Gifts

The VW Gifts on offer at Boylos pay homage to one of, if not the most, iconic surfing vehicles of all time. Millions have been used and are still used by surf crazy people all over the world. The range of products on offer here at Boylos pays homage to that fantastic culture that surrounds the VW camper and the people who love them. With everything from candles to models, our range will keep your VW hunger tamed and satisfied. Perfect as Xmas and birthday presents, or just for the sheer fun of it, there are gifts to suit every occasion and mindset. Whether you own the real thing or not these'll give you a bit of the VW lifestyle wherever you are.

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About VW Gifts

VW campers are one of the most iconic vehicles to have ever been associated with surfing. The classic two-tone colour, simple style and iconic connection with surfing make the VW a well loved favourite for many water lovers. The gifts that Boylos offer are to pay homage to the awesome culture setter that was and is the VW camper.

Boylos has a massive range of products including, candles, mousemats, picture frames, money boxes, ornaments, mugs and many more fantastic products in the shapes and style of the iconic VW camper. They're ideal as Xmas, birthday and occasion presents. Whether with sentiment or fun they're always well received.

You can brighten up your home, or even decorate your real camper! With the happy bright coloured products, bringing a summer feel any time of the year, much like the real thing!

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