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Waterbuoy is the revolutionary key saving system that has even had a television appearance! The idea behind this brilliant product is that if you accidentally drop your keys or other items into the water, the balloon automatically inflates and floats up to 1kg of weight back to the surface! Perfect for anyone who is going to take their keys or other small valuable items onto the water with them. The holiday where as an example you try diving - and your keys drop out of your rucksack and off the boat. Wouldn't it be cool if they simply floated themselves back to the surface?!

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About Waterbuoy

Waterbuoy is a fantastic solution to a common problem. Losing your keys in the water is a horrible moment, especially if you have to watch them sink out of sight. What the guys at Waterbuoy have done is create a product that turns your frown upside down with a safety balloon that releases in much the same way as an automatic life jacket. Once the keys are dropped and the upthrust of the water tries to hold the weight, the Waterbuoy releases the balloon providing a life line for your keys.

The bright orange balloon is clearly visible day or night; Waterbuoy claim you can see it up to 250m away in the dark! Powerful enough to float objects weighing up to 1kg, the Waterbuoy will float for a full 24 hours, meaning if you don't initially realise what's happened, you can still go and find your keys up to a whole day later!

The Waterbuoy gets shipped straight to your door. If you have any questions regarding the Waterbuoy or would like some more information, please feel free to call one of our Boylos team members on 01297 444222 or click info@boylos.co.uk.

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