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Wavetribe is the manufacturer of eco-friendly surfing accessories. From their Hemp Boardbags to their fin wallets, they make an extensive range of surfing accessories that are good to the environment, good to your wallet and good for your surfing. With such an environmentally friendly mindset you can use these products with a smile on your face knowing you are doing something good for the planet. Their high quality products are what sets them apart from their competitors. Anyone could make surfing accessories out of recycled or natural materials but they might not be that good. What these guys have managed to achieve is high quality, high performance surfing accessories that are also eco-friendly not just eco-friendly. Try their products today and you won't be disappointed. 

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About Wavetribe

Wavetribe are a market leading eco-friendly surfing accessory manufacturer. Their fantastic approach to minimising waste and damage to our environment fits perfectly with the surfing lifestyle and culture. In order for us to continue to enjoy surfing, we need to look after our environment. This brand is bridging the gap between sustaining our environment and also providing products for a mainstream industry.

Founded in 2007 by a surfer whilst on his travels to Mexico, the brand is the product of one man's conscience and a vision of a greener surfing world. On tour with 7 friends, the amount of equipment (and beers) was phenomenal. When unloading the mountain of surfboard bags from the back of the van, the founder had a revelation. So much plastic and un-recyclable materials were being used in the surfing industry that he thought there had to be a better way. Upon his research he found that eco-friendly surf products were actually extremely rare! Horrified and inspired, he set about creating a company to combat the lack of effort being made by the industry.

The success of the company doesn't just lie on the fact that their products are good for the planet though. Using extensive R&D alongside years of surfing experience, the team are producing high quality, high performance products. With everything from traction pads to surf leashes, there's a product suitable for every surfers needs.

If you have any questions about the products on offer or the company feel free to call or email one of our Boylos team members.

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