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Wonder Holder

The Wonder Holder product is a unique and fantastic way of securing a mobile or sat nav anywhere you like. Using magnets to secure the item in place, it's wonderfully versatile and can be placed on any surface you like. Quick and easy to attach and remove, once you've chosen where you want your phone or sat nav you simply put there being held by magnets and then pull it off when your ready to go.

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About Wonder Holder

Wonder Holder has come up with the perfect solution for attaching your phone or sat nav, anywhere. Using magnets, one for the surface you want your item on and one for the back of your phone or sat nav, it makes attaching and removing your phone or sat nav a simple case of pulling it off the securing magnet and putting it back on at your leisure.

Removing the chances of losing your phone or sat nav, along with the dreaded sticky pad claw like attachments currently on offer, the Wonder Holder saves time in and out of the car. This means more time surfing and WAY less hassle!!!

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