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Xcel are one of the biggest names in the wetsuit and wetsuit accessories market. Trusted by the US Navy's elite their technology is market leading and they are widely regarded as the highest quality wetsuits on the market. Their accessories carry on the trend and boast ultimate warmth and the highest technology.

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About Xcel

Globally recognised as one of the best cold water brands, Xcel have built a reputation for making the best wetsuits and accessories on the market. With market leading technology and a quality that is second to none, their products are trusted by all who surf in cold waters. Often a little pricier than some of the alternatives and yet wierdly, better value. You get what you pay for and with one of their wetsuits on plus their booties, gloves and hoods you can comfortably surf year round even in the coldest of surf spots.

If you have any questions about the suits or if you want help with sizing or anything else please get in touch with one of our Boylos team members and they will do what they can to help you.

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