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Surf Clothing

The coolest surf wear in the business. Boylos surf clothing department sources the highest quality men, and women’s, surf clothes out there and package them up in a guaranteed customer satisfaction, price beating, surf fashion package. Whether your after surf clothes for the winter to keep you warm, or for that sunny winter holiday, boylos will help you find the coolest surf clothing out there..

Windsurfing Equipment

Boylos has the windsurfing answer. Windsurfing booms, Windsurfing masts, Windsurfing boards, Windsurfing sails and Windsurfing bags, Windsurfing harnesses to name a few of the Windsurfing components Boylos has on offer. With leading brands such as North, Fanatic, Simmer, Quatro, Goya, Patlove and more Boylos can help you with whatever your windsurfing needs are.

Wetsuits and Accessories

Winter Wetsuits and Summer suits. Wetsuit boots and hats Boylos has all the neoprene and wetsuit accessories to keep you warm in the water. Not only do they offer award winning brands such as Excel Wetsuits but Boylos also has a great range of Rash vests, polypro tops, gloves, hats and wetsuit boots. Here to help drop us a call if you need any wetsuit advice.

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