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Overboard produce durable, innovative waterproof bags, accessories and rucksacks. With products ranging from Waterproof ear phones to big waterproof travel bags. These waterproof products started a craze in the water sports industry. Despite the many adaptations though, the genuine products still hold their place as the best Waterproof equipment and accessories on the market. Trusted for use in military operations, they obviously produce high quality, functional products. Being able to trust your waterproof gear is essential especially when your iPhone is inside! 

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About Overboard

Overboard is the manufacturer of waterproof bags, equipment and accessories and produces everything from waterproof adventure backpacks to waterproof ipad cases! Inspired by one small waterproof bag found on their year out, Dan and Joel, the founders of the company immediately set about developing their own waterproof products and have developed the brand in to the market leading name it is today. Starting originally by just producing large simple drybags with a roll down waterproof neck, the guys soon built a very successful market and a loyal fan base. Building on this success they started exploring what else they could manufacture to help with the waterproofing of our beloved material items.

Now making much more technical items such as waterproof mp3 cases and headphones to go with it, the brand is at the forefront of all things waterproof. They take a lot of care and pride in the high build quality of all of their products. Their efforts pay off and it is very easy to see the differences in build quality between genuine products and some of their competitor's offerings.

If you have any questions about the waterproof products on offer then please call or email one of our Boylos team members who will be more than happy to help you.

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