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Wax Buddy

Every surfer needs a Wax Buddy Wax Comb. The perfect companion for any surfer, its carefully thought out shape gives it all round versatility. With a curved edge for your rails, flat edge for scraping your deck and a jagged edge for roughing up old wax. What's more it's made out of 100% recycled materials helping keep our oceans as clean as your board will be!

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About Wax Buddy

Wax Buddy solved the common problem that every surfer faces; getting wax off your board! Having seen and used credit cards, ice scrapers etc. the team decided to simply create the perfect tool for the job. With a jagged edge for texturing or roughing up old wax, a flat edge for removing the wax on the deck and a curved edge for de-waxing your rails, the patent pending shape is ideal for removing all kinds of wax from anywhere on your board.

The compact size means it will easily slip in your pocket, your bag, or your glove box. The best feature is the handle which gives you unbeatable leverage helping you to remove wax more efficiently.

If you want to know more then please call or email one of Boylos team members.

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